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iRule performance has long been a question our users have asked about.  We get questions all the time about how to determine what impact a specific iRule has on the normal operation of the BIG-IP’s they are running on.  The question is a hard one to answer as we rarely see two iRules that are the same and the mere fact that you can code your iRule however you want, makes it very hard to provide info on the impact they would have in a generic manner. A while back we wrote a tech tip on optimizing iRules titled “Evaluating iRule Performance” in which we illustrate how to enable timing metrics on an iRule to help report the number of CPU cycles the iRule is using up during it’s processing.  We make these metrics available in the BIG-IP CLI and GUI as well as from the iControl API.  This makes it easy to integrate them into external applications such as the iRule Edito... (more)

BIG-IP CPU Visualization with the Google Visualization API

In previous articles, we have explored using the Google Chart APIs to integrate static charts and graphs with iControl and iRules to build monitoring applications. Creating An iControl PowerShell Monitoring Dashboard with Google Charts Scatter Plotting Response Times With iRules and Google Charts Fun with Hash Performance and Google Charts Monitor Your iRules Performance with iControl and Google-O-Meter Comparing iRule Control Statements Referral Tracking with iRules Heatmaps, iRules Style Part 1, 2, 3, & 4. In this article, I’m going to move beyond the static charting APIs and ta... (more)

Introducing AskBing The PowerShell Bing Twitter Proxy

Last week I posted a PowerShell function library for Microsoft’s newly introduced search engine at Bing.com.  The function library was appropriately named PoshBing. There was a log of interest in the script so I quickly moved it off my blog and onto a CodePlex project under PoshBing. Working on the command line is fun and all, but since I spend a good portion of my time accessing my twitter account, I figured it would be a bit of fun to integrate it with my previously released PoshTweet PowerShell twitter library. So, after an hour or so of coding it up and creating the @askbing ... (more)

Shrink-Url – Use PowerShell To Shrink Your Urls

Shrinking your Url’s is all the rage nowadays.  If you are on Twitter, then odds are you have used one.  Despite CodingHorror’s distaste for them in his recent blog post on Url Shorteners: Destroying the Web since 2002, they are a fact of life when we live in a world of 140 character status updates. So what’s a URL shrinking service anyway?  Well, to put it simply, you supply them with a URL, they then supply you with a shorter URL containing a lookup “key”.  When future requests are made to this shorter URL, connections are routed to that services website where they convert the... (more)

DevOps 101 - Collaboration By @JoePruitt | @DevOpsSummit #API #DevOps #Microservices

In my previous articles on the history of DevOps, I outlined the following pillars of the DevOps methodology Management Integration Communication and information sharing Collaboration Automation Measurement The Fourth Pillar The fourth pillar is Collaboration.  Collaboration is defined as: "working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals." In traditional separated organizations, there is not often collaboration between the design, development, testing (QA), and deployment (IT) functions that go with the application delivery lifecycle. As I mentioned in my last article,... (more)